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Content: Taiwan Industry Image Enhancement ProjectAuthor: Trade Development Division II – Bureau of...

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Taiwan Industry Image Enhancement Project

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2021-07-26

Taiwan Industry Image Enhancement Project

Author: Trade Development Division II – Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA
View date: 21-07-2021


Project Name

Taiwan Industry Image Enhancement Project



The Bureau promotes the "Taiwan Industrial Image Enhancement Project" with the "TAIWAN EXCELLENCE" logo as an identification mark for domestic SMEs and as the target of promoting Taiwan's industrial image. Through diversified and integrated marketing promotional campaigns, the consumers of the target market will be encouraged to consider and appreciate TAIWAN EXCELLENCE products and Taiwan's quality industries, thereby enhancing the international image of Taiwan's industries and boosting the export growth efficiency.


Counseling contents

  1. Taiwan Excellence Award Selection: To encourage manufacturers to strengthen research and development, design, quality, marketing and value Taiwan's production. Each year, Taiwan's most innovative and valuable TAIWAN EXCELLENCE is selected as the target of the program's promotion (around March-June of each year, the application is announced for acceptance).
  2. Marketing promotional activities: According to the market activity attributes, the winners of the Taiwan Excellence Award will be invited to participate (priority to be given to the winning products for the past 3 years)

(1)Domestic promotion process:

  1. To strengthen the awareness and recognition of TAIWAN EXCELLENCE among our compatriots, to blend deeply in the environment, to cooperate with broad-scale sporting events and international exhibitions or events (e.g., COMPUTEX TAIPEI, Tour de Taiwan, and Marathon Expo in Taipei) to jointly promote the Taiwan Excellence mark and Taiwan Industry image.
  2. Operate the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion, the permanent exhibition pavilion: The Taiwan Excellence Pavilion, the permanent exhibition pavilion is set up on the 3rd floor of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. The Pavilion uses AI and AR elements to integrate interactive experience and professional explanations by on-site tour guides to bring out the unique features of TAIWAN EXCELLENCE award-winning products.


(2)Overseas promotion process: Taiwanese products that have won the TAIWAN EXCELLENCE Award and important international awards, with a unique or leading position in the global industrial circles and which can demonstrate Taiwan's conspicuous industrial advantages shall be the main subjects of the promotion. Focalizing on markets like Germany, the USA, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand by using a variety of integrated marketing and communication tools to promote the products include:

  1. Hold a press conference on new products' launch and Taiwan Excellence Pavilion in conjunction with or in the context of international trade shows.
  2. Hold activities in conjunction with sporting events or at shopping centers.
  3. Cooperate with local channels to set up a TAIWAN EXCELLENCE exhibition and sales area.
  4. Publish or broadcast image advertisements at crowd gathering places and invite media to come to Taiwan for interviews.
  5. Digital marketing at home and abroad: Digital marketing through the Internet, social media and the setting up and promotion of TAIWAN EXCELLENCE zones on the domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms.


Website consultation

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Published Date:2020-08-20